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Locomotion check-up

A locomotion check-up allows the owner to have a good idea of the remaining or future sport potential of his protected one.

The breeder, 6 to 2 month beforelconfiding his young hope to the traine,r is well adviced to verify the absence of D.O.C (dissecant ostheochondritis) or other bone pathologies. The eventual bone fragment shall thus be extracted before it makes any harm to the joint, And the joint shall have time to recuperate perfectly before the young horse being put to work. Moreover this will prevent bad surprises at the eventual pre-sale visit!

When a comfirmed athlete shows a lameness or a persistent lowering of performance

  • Should it stay in competition?
  • If  one invests in a heavier treatment with a long convalescence, is there a chance for it to come back at high level?
  • Has the time come to think of a reconvertion?

A locomotion check-up shall help you have more precise an idea and to answer you legitimate questionning.