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Our horses get to be older and older!

After 20 years or so, they have specific needs:

  • A higher number of meals each day;
  • Food with a different equilibrium between cereals, oleaginous and fibres than for other ages;
  • A special follow up of the hoofs, a natural trimming resulting in comfort worthy of an orthopedic  shoeing, its often possible;
  • A dental follow-up more frequent than before;
  • A difficult shedding may signal the start of an hormonal dysfunction the more frequnt being those of tthe hyroid and suprarenals  (lypothyroiditis, the sickness of Cushing), but deregulations may happen on all other glands, ovaries and testicles included, a blood sampling allows to detect alll of these early;


Examination of an old horse includes:

Examen d'un vieux cheval comprend les pieds L'examen de la bouche une prise de sang
Hoofs Teeth Blood sampling
Senior conditioning mix Pour Senior sans soucis de poids Vieux chien
Food for a skinny Senior Food for a Senior without weight troubles Sketch by'Eric Witvrouw