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Cosultation in orthopedy

This is meant for horses showing a more or less complex lameness.
The consutation in orthopedy follows a rigorously established procedure .

Qu'est ce que tu me veux Recueil de l'anamnèse Examen des membres Palpation des membres
What do I suffer from? Anamnesis collection Examination of the limbs Palpation of the limbs

Anamnesis(symptoms) collection, patient examination at rest, in motion at the three gaits, in circle, on a straight line, on hard and soft ground in order to determinate the stricken limb(s)..

Examen sur une ligne droit

Le cheval va etre examiné longé

Test de flexion du carpe

Test de flexion du carpe pas tjs facile

Examination on a straight line On head rope Wrist flexion test Wrist flexion test: not always easy!


Then our attention shall concentrate on this (these) limb(s) as to determinate the stricken level. Hyper-flexion, hyper-extention tests, overcharging, nervous and/or joint anesthaesiaee shall be useful tools. Afore each injection a time lapse shall be used for site preparation (perfect asepcy) and for letting the product take effect (min 10min).

Once the stricken zone precisely located, X-Rays and echographies shall be taken, always following a rather strict protocol, in order to give maximum assurances.

Now and then, on-site imagery does not allow to determinate the precice cause of the lameness, and additional examinations  in a clinic shall be proposed for instance RIM or scintigraphy. e made and a protocole transmitted, in order to insure the best possible follow-up.

Once  the diagnosis fixed, we shall discuss possible therapies and treatment phases (rest, convalescence and resuming work).

The tréatment may include a rpotocol of trimming or shoeing, an ostheopathic re-balancing, administration of medecines, prescrption of food additives, a protocolof specific excercises.