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Equine behaviour

Ethology or study of animal behaviour, a huge programme

'The more you know them, the more you understand them, better shall be your "dialog" with them. And in my occupation, transforming our patients in respectuous and understanding friends is invaluable!

So at each occasion that comes forth, I listen to "the men of the horses" share their experience and their comprehension of the animal. Some names will tell you something, others are perfectly unknown to the public, but gave me precious keys, and I never shall thank them enough for this.

  • Mr Nicolas D,
  • Mr André et ses GTB,
  • Mr Jean françois Pignon,
  • Mr Brabant,
  • Dr Dominique Giniaux,
  • the up-breeders in Haras de la Cense,
  • Mr Monty Robert,...
  • Messieurs, THANK YOU

You shall find hereunder a few pictures of Mr Monty Robert as shot in the Netherlands during his last trip to Europe.

In half an hour, this young horse was broken softly despite its retive and savage character. I could observe it on the same morning during the horse selection. Indeed, too docile and too traumatised horses are systematically excluded from the show for obvious reasons. They are then treated by Mr Monty Robert's team under his watchful, thruthful and encouraging eye. The rigor, simplicity and magnanimity of this man really left an impression on me. Did you know he has adopted several chidren in difficulty and helped them to find self-confidence again by teaching them how to work a horse with his method?


monty robert Monty chasse le cheval avec la longe Monty invite le cheval à le rejoindre le cheval s'approche
Monty Robert Monty chases the horse with the head rope Monty invites the horse to come to him The horse nears
e cheval s'approche encore un peu plus la jonction belle complicitée le cheval se laisse caresser
Le horse comes a bit closer The junction beautifui  complicity The horse accepts fondling
le cheval se laisse prendre les pieds le cheval se laisse guider ensuite l'animal est sellé sanglé
The  horse accepts to be taken by the hoofs The horse lets itself be guided Then the  animal is saddled Girthed
la selle et lui retémoigne sa confiance étape suivante : les longues rennes les longues rennes
Free, saddled, it "listens" to Monty's body language and shows again its trust Next step:  long reins long reins on the left
les longues rennes les longues rennes les longues rennes les longues rennes
Long reins, the animal yelds long rein , changing direction Long reins on the right long reins and hop
les longues rennes l'étape suivante le reculer le reculer le reculer
long reins next step: rein-back, asking rein-back, rewarding rein-back, asking
le reculer le reculer confiance la selle
rein-back: encore lrein-back: encore rewarding, trust next step: mounting
la selle la selle la selle la selle
The saddle the saddle the saddle the saddle
la mise en selle la mise en selle la mise en selle l'enfant
bringing in saddle bringing in saddle bringing in saddle the child: happy king
Monty et l'enfant Monty Monter dans le van un grand classique Monty
Monty and the child Monty Getting into the van, a great classic Monty