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A whole veterinarian discipline  in itself.

  • Control of the balance of the dental table and TMA  ( temporo-mandibular articulations )
  • Rasping of extradentals,
  • Treatment of bad occlusions and diasthemae,
  • Extraction of wolf tooth, pig tooth, troublesome milk teeth,
  • Re-shaping of protubering incisors,
  • Extraction of broken grinders,
  • Pre-molaries shaping in order to insure comfort of the bit
  • ....

Many of these interventions are painful and require sedation for the well being of your animal as well as for a good execution.

Grace au pas d'ane examen des incisives et prémolaires des molaires dans le fond de la bouche

Using the ball-iron during examination

of incisors and pre-molars

molars (grinders) at the back

of the mouth

Une partie du matériel de dentisterie Protocole vierge de dentisterie

Part of the equipment

for dentistry

Blank of a dentistry protocol


A control shall be made every 6 month for a horse with an erratic dentition, yearly fot athletes, every two years for horses with a largely grassy diets.

The first control is often made when being put to work, around 2 years old for running horses and quarterhorses, around three to three-and-a-half for classical ridden horses