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No horse without hoof!

Even a "lawnmower" requires a regular maintenane of the hoofs.

A precise diagnosis of the origin a lamenesse followed by a search for maximum comfort for the hoofs in close collaboration with the horseshoer who shall have to use all his craftmanship to take into account the new constraints.

What are our weapons?

  • A good knowledge of the hoof and of the whole locomotion apparel,
  • Trimming is a weapon in itself, which partly explains the present infatuation with natural trimming. It apears important to me to insist that as orthopedic as an iron can be, if it is placed on an untrimmed hoof ot on a hoof trimmed without the same logic shall have no effect!
  • The iron that shall allow to put under charge specific parts rather than others or result in a biomechanical easing
  • Leather dampers, resins, plates,... each with their proprieties and inconveniences


Le maréchal défait les rivets Retire le fer et examine le pied Ensemble on discute de l'aplomb particulier On discute
he horseshoer  removes the rivets Removes the iron and examine the hoof Together we discuss the perculiar stand We dicuss the case
Des RX nous sont nécessaire pour comprendre Patience on developpe Qui a dit qu'on s'embetait Vient le temps de la discussion
X-Rays are required to understand We wait for processing Who said we were getting bored? The time comes for creative debating
Chacun argumente Chacun écoute bla bla Bla bla
Each has arguments Each listens Bla bla Bla bla
Bla bla Le fer de face L'artiste et son oeuvre  
Bla bla The face of the iron The artist and his work