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Buying a horse

Before buying a horse, you should ask yourself a number of questions: about your time availability, your motivations, obligations and constraints, your objectives, the place where the horse shall stay, its well-being and comfort there, wether the other horseowners in that place have the same aspirations......?

What does a horse expect from its owner ?

Qui suis-jeWhy a prepurchase visit?

Just to know what we are buying!

And this is true at whatever level or activity you foresee for that horse!

The examination shall be adapted to your expectations, but shall include the heart,  respiratory ways,  eyes,  teeth, skin, the back, and more thoroughly the driving apparel.

At your request, additional examinations can be made: radiology, echography, gynecology, endoscopy,  in view of the discipline and level  which are foreseen for the horse.

A report detailing what has been controlled, and the observed results shall be laid down. Our accuracy in describing these results and eventual consequences shall be in direct proportion with the examinations performed.

Standard report 6, 12, 24 ou 44 RX (the last one is required by some insurance companies)

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