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Field surgery

Field surgery routinely performed have considerably decreased.

In effect, well equipped private clinics have developped, allowing to practice surgery in secure conditions for the horse as well as for the veterinary, with optimal asepcy. Therefore, as a function of the particular case, I shall guide you in the choice of one or the other clinic.

What are the field surgeries? Interventions that can be performed on a standing animal, or that do not require anaestesiae longer than half an hour.

As far as Gynecology is concerned

  • castration ( gelding)
  • vulvo-plasty
  • Urgent caesarian on a difficult coming forth (calm mare, foal alive)


  • Low  nevrectomies
  • Cutting metacarpo (tarso)-phalangian aponevrosis
  • Desmotomy of the patella internal ligament

In soft tissues

  • Sores (we see so many!)
  • Cystis, warts, badly positionned sarcoids
  • Dental extractions